Does the newly announced D800 firmware work for you?

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Re: It does not take a whole lot of time if one has a fixed setup

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

My first observation is tremendous improvement in AF-C performance particularly 51 point 3d tracking.

That's a big statement and I'll be happy if it's true. Not saying you haven't, but considering the update just came down the pipe, have you had the time to do the necessary testing to make that statement. Hopefully yes, but...............

My major grief about D800 was its inability to accurately track subject in AF-C particularly when using 51 points with 3d tracking while my D3 nailed a high percentage of those shots. I shoot a lot of professional table tennis. The players move fast and D800 could never keep up. I posted this a couple of times on DPR as well. AF-C performance improvement was the only thing I was hoping to get in a firmware update.

To ensure, I was not doing some mistake, I created a simple test setup with toy cars running down fast on a track. These are about 8" cars hand crafted to participate in Pinewood Derby type races. This gave me a repeatable setup. The main intent was for me to prove to myself that my D3 was performing better. I could never get more than 25% to 30% success rate with my D800 on this setup. When I tested it last night, I had over 75% in each of the three rounds of test shots I fired. It took hardly 15 minutes for me to test it end to end.

Well, that's fantastic then!  AF performance is my only concern.  Everything else is fine or I can live with it. This should greatly increase my BIF percentage.  If it's that good I might even ditch my D4!

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