Roma ; People praying at the "VIA CRUCIS" :

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Re: Roma ; People praying at the "VIA CRUCIS" :

Gianluca, I agree with Louis; this is one of your best sets. I like how you set the camera to manual, shooting at one speed, one aperture. These images show how for night-time photography, exposing-to-the-right may not be the best thing to do. The shots look natural, like night-time shots should be. A very realistic rendering of exposure values. The last image with the searchlight blown-out is quite acceptable too, as the light itself contains no pictoral information; the halo effect even adds to the image.

I post the three images above as my favourites: All of the images you show us are close-up, giving us a sense of being in the crowd with you, but I like these even more so because everyone is in their own little world, and in a very private one - as opposed to the rest where they are staring off at the event which brought them there. This is good photo-journalism.

You have shot this essay to perfection, just like those famous Carbonara chefs in Trastevere - el dente, smooth and creamy!

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