Went to a wedding last week, left with a giant dark spot in my vision

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Re: Went to a wedding last week, left with a giant dark spot in my vision

At my wedding, the photographer walked around with a macro ring and our pictures were great. What is the advantage of using a strobe that this guy used over the macro light?

Well, great is going to be a matter of opinion. A macro flash for a wedding is going to provide very flat images. That usually isn't the goal of most photographers. However, for run and gun shooting at a wedding it could be someone's preference.

There are two potential uses for a strobe in the corner of the room. One, as mentioned, is to lift the shadows. If I am shooting with just an on-camera flash, then I am not getting any light behind my subjects. Or at least not enough light! Shooting in most reception halls is like shooting in a cave. The only way you are going to get any light in the back of the cave is to put a light there. The second use would be as a key light, or main light source. This light could be used to provide the majority of the light, which would give the photographer direction of light (and direction of light reveals depth, color, and texture). And then use an on-camera flash for fill. If the photography has on-camera control over the remote strobe, they can even switch it up every now and then.

As to whether the photographer should have positioned a strobe where it could be disruptive to the guests is another matter entirely!

She only used it on the dance floor. Our reception area did not have very high ceilings so she was using a regular flash for most of the time . The wedding I mentioned in my original post was in a banquet hall with tall ceiling. I can understand why a camera flash wouldn't bounce off the ceiling.

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