What is the best m43 for focus tracking?

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Concentrate on what works best in real-world

Motordriving is not something that works well that I've seen on any mirrorless camera I've seen yet.  I'm talking about either EVF or LCD black out times where in continuous burst mode you are basically firing completely blind because you don't let the camera give you a visual of what is occuring anymore.  The best you can do is try to blind-fire motor-drive and 'guess' with your actual eyes viewing the screen and attempt to blind frame your mirrorless.  This is a pointless exercise as it gives you the worst real-world results.

Motordriving can work on DSLRs because of a perfected and optimized mechanical operation for which you get TTL optical visual due to a mirror.  Think about it a bit...it no longer becomes an issue of processing, of sensor read-outs, of computation and imaging algorithms.  A DSLR only has to reflect the light coming through the lens and onto your OVF...its *purely* an optics/physics solution limited by mechanics that have been perfected for many many years.  As such motor-driving on DSLRs works and you can get DSLRs with very good mirror black-out times, continuous PDAF, and a good keeper rate.  No worries about sensor over-heating or response times, etc...you're just looking at light as it goes through your lens.

You simply *cannot* do the same on any mirrorless system that I know (but I haven't tried the GH3).  On every mirrorless I've tried yet...motordriving results in complete blackout that is on par if not *worse* than budget DSLR OVFs.

As such utilize the *strengths* of your system and that would be off-center AF selection and top tier CDAF performance and take single AF-S shots and do not motor-drive but try to be selective, etc.  Obviously there are times when motor-driving is effective, and there are times when taking pot shots are actually better.

As such pick the system that gives you the fastest and most effective means to select AF point as well as a capable CDAF engine.  Both Pana and Oly provide this.

Another huge factor is what lenses have AF motors to keep up!  Often *budget* APS-C DSLR telephotos are *slow*!  L or Nikon Gold telephotos are very fast, etc.  Funny thing is the Oly 40-150 is obviously consumer grade, but is *fast* in AF.

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