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Is low-light a priority for a compact?

sean000 wrote:

marike6 wrote:

I do appreciate you taking samples, but is it possible to just go outside and take a normal landscape or cityscape image.  Taking cans of food, or newspaper indoors at close range is not all that useful.

Actually he did these because many of us were asking for them.  I think what sets this camera apart from others in its class is the bright lens, which makes it attractive for indoor available light. The question many of us have is whether the brighter lens (f/2.7 at the long end) makes it better for this type of shooting than the Nikon P330 (which is f/5.6 at the long end). The Nikon has the larger sensor, but is the image quality at, say, ISO 1600 better than what the XZ-10 can do at 400? Unfortunately almost all sample photos I have found are at the base ISO.

Personally I'm less interested in how the XZ-10 performs at ISO 3200, but I would like to know how it performs at ISO 100.  I just don't see low-light shooting as a particular strength of any small sensor compacts.

And there seems to be a real lack of normal outdoor XZ-10 images.  And the ones I have found, the infinity focus scenics, landscapes, cityscapes, etc. have not looked very impressive so I'm not sure I agree that any modern compact can produce excellent daylight images.  The bar set by the S100, P7700, G15, et al is pretty high.

And since there are really almost no normal daylight XZ-10 images on Flickr, I thought I'd ask the OP to post some, since he seems to be one of the few XZ-10 owners on this forum.

On Flickr the XZ-10 representation is a sad affair.  Note the only landscape image is shot at base ISO, but for some reason is incredibly noisy.


I've had an easier time finding outdoor landscape/cityscape samples from the XZ-10.

Do you have any links?

Personally I think any modern camera will do very well at base-ISO landscapes and cityscapes (although only a small percentage will be exceptional).

Since most people use compacts for travel or vacation images, ideally a high-end enthusiast compact should be able to make sharp, colorful base ISO landscape / cityscape images.  Visit Flickr and you can find hundreds of excellent S110, P7700, G15, XZ-2 or MX-1 images.  The problem is the same type of images I've seen from the XZ-10 have failed to impress.  The close-up images do look good.  And some of the art filter images look good, but at infinity the lens/sensor combo is a big question mark for me (mainly because of the below samples, and some other P330-XZ-10 comparison images that show some some corner softness and fairly noticeable vignetting from the XZ-10.

Full-size XZ-10 landscape images from RAW


Full-size XZ-10 landscape / cityscape


XZ-10 Comparison with other compacts

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