Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: People will make up their own minds

Nukunukoo wrote:

Hi! I may have found the "watercolor" culprit but I need to investigate further (am on a working holiday)... Apparently, if you set the IS to include Continous + Motion, instead of just Motion on mine, the smearing effect becomes more pronounced on areas that is slightly out of focus.

I hardly believe that the image stabilisation contributes to this.

Also, some impromptu tests also show that DR400 also contributes to this effect. All this, somehow, only affects SOOC JPEGS but not in many cases on my tests. The key seems to be where the subjects are in motion and/or the camera's handheld. Since DR essentially takes multiple shots of the same scene in one shutter press, it would perfectly explain the smearing especially if the shots have subtle pixel shifts between shots!

Does the X20 really take multiple shots to create DR400%? As to my knowledge, the camera underexposes and lifts shadows in order to retain highlights. All done with one single shot.

A good test would have the same scene and settings with one handheld and another on a tripod. Since my test shots above were on a tripod, I can't find any smearing, which may probably prove my theory.

Well, a good test concerning the watercolor effect would have been not to shoot ISO100 under relatively bright light. Besides, you couldn't find any smearing because you didn't test for it. Reshoot the same scene with ISO400 and things should be different.

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