5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

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Re: 5D M3 vs D800E, and the billionth question.

You should not overcomplicate this matter. Both are truly outstanding bodies and will take excellent pictures under normal circumstances. So ask yourself the question: what is the most important aspect of a good photo? Composition. Oke. so neither camera will help you with that. Next question: what is number one reason to dismiss a proper framed photo?

For me, this is when a photo is not sharp. I hate that. Noise is bad too, but software tools are amazing these days to correct grainy photo's. Unsharp photos are hard if not impossible to correct. Sharpness issues happens because of a few reasons:

- Too fast moving subject

- I move too much

- Too low shutter speed (because of lack of light)

- Camera can't get focus (object moves fast, or because of lack of light)

The camera can't really help you on the aspects of you or your subject. But it can with the other two. Soo my choice of camera would always depend on the quality of the AF and the low light noise & AF performance (too mitigate the too low shutter speed). So I would pick the camera that performs best on those things. The rest is of less importance.

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