Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens dust and legal threat.

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

miked58 wrote:

As it is a public holiday here I have no chance of contacting a lawyer. Perhaps people who can contribute ideas may point me in the right direction as to the best course of action.

I would avoid lawyers as much as possible.

It is entirely possible that the person has buyer’s regret or perhaps needs the money really badly, and is inventing the dust story simply as an excuse.

But if the buyer feels cheated, then this may have become a matter of honor for him. It doesn't matter what the facts and laws are. Be very aware that if they feel dishonored, they may be willing to pay or do anything to get their honor restored, and it could cost you far more than the price of the lens. Contemporary western culture does not take honor into much consideration, but it is a very powerful motivation and can become violent.

I would apologize, take the lens back, pay back the purchaser in full, and offer to pay for shipping. It does not matter that you sold it ‘as-is’ or whatever the implied warrantees are. Your rights mean nothing if the buyer thinks that you cheated him, and he is willing to act on it. This could get very expensive if lawyers are involved. I am sure you can sell it to someone else.

what about the sellers  honour.?

should he bend over and pull down his trousers too ?

The guy is s stiff, he should be treated as a stiff.

Tell him to go forth and multiply .

You only have one life , dont waste time on fools .

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