OK, here we go - side by side comparison X100/S

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Re: Predictably I disagree - the X100S files are superior

sgoldswo wrote:


Thanks for posting. A health warning, this is all my opinion, but:

In line with earlier comments elsewhere, I disagree with your conclusions and I'm glad I sold my X100. Even in these shots the colour transitions in the X100 files are harsher and more digital looking to my eye. They very strongly resemble the output from the E-M5 with Oly 17mm mounted.

I think my biggest point here would be the RAW processing - each camera does need different LR settings to get the best out of it. I don't know what settings you used for each camera.

But needing to process RAWs differently doesn't mean the camera or sensor are fatally flawed or not ready for primetime as others have said. As an X-Pro1 user for a while now and a very happy new X100S owner I know that a great deal more detail is present in the output from the X100S even if the RAW processing isn't quite there yet.

I have to strongly disagree with those who think the camera would somehow have been better with a 16mp bayer sensor. It wouldn't, it would have been just another 16mp camera with a sony sensor.

The most significant point here is that the X100S RAW support is available in a beta format as it stands. It will get better, or Capture One will provide better support than LR.

Anyway, no harm to you personally, not wanting to argue - I just have a very different view and would have no hesitation in telling X100 users to upgrade.



PS I'm working on a blog post of shots with the WA adaptor mounted (a fiery ball in the sky showed up over London Monday and Tuesday - wasn't sure what it was at first). They are looking very good indeed...

Exactly what I thought and what we discussed in my post http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51155677

But after using the X100s for the last week and after more than 600 pictures, I will have to agree with Simon. I have been very careful in the way I have to treat the files in Lightroom. It was a lot easier with the old X100 files. But that doesn't mean that I cannot get great results from this new camera. I'm still in a process of learning and discovering and investigating. But so far, there's only one thing that I miss and is some texture/grain/out of focus blur, call it whatever you want. But I'm still not sure if doing the right thing won't get me there.

Skin tones are something a lot better in the X100 also. But I only shoot RAW. It's not difficult to get there. The advantages of the camera are SO MANY that it's difficult not to fall in love.

So, is it a keeper? Yes it is.

I'll post some of what I did this weekend soon.


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