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Re: "X-E1 Blah Color Renditon, its color don't lok very good, dull for photos of things"

nixda wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:

nixda wrote:

Sebit wrote:

Can you give us an example of a product being earth-shattering in your opinion, please?

The Fuji marketing machinery painted the X-Trans sensor as "earth-shattering", at least that's the impression I got. Something that is a game changer, an order above everything else. Well, I don't think so, and neither do I believe is the package around it. They are solid cameras, and I enjoy my X-E1, but it sure has limitations.

That's your fault for buying into marketing, instead of applying critical thinking.

Um, I didn't say that I bought into the hype. In fact, I didn't; it was clear from the few initial critical assessments of the X-Pro1 that there are a lot of issues. I purchased my X-E1 knowing full well what I got. But I was nevertheless  majorly annoyed by the continuing marketing efforts that I found completely over the top. Clearly different from what I've been used to from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc.

Look at images, use the camera(s) yourself, form your own unbiased opinions. Fuji is going to market their product as "the best", as will every other camera maker. You don't sell cameras if you say "well, these cameras are ok, but our competitor does XYZ better, so you really shouldn't buy from us".

A limited, but solid camera is more realistic than "worse than iPhone", or "earth-shattering"

That indeed is my 'unbiased' opinion.

If you think that Fuji is the only company that markets their gear as "the best", then you are painfully mistaken.

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