Help! Olympus 38mm STUCK on adapter!

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Re: Help! Olympus 38mm STUCK on adapter!

Unfortunately, I believe Marc is correct and the lens will have to be removed by force. I've examined my own Pen F lens and adapter (a different brand adapter) and cannot find anything that is likely to assist you.

If you do remove the lens forcibly, apply the force to the chrome ring on the lens closest to the adapter only. This is the ring that contains the locking button and the DOF button. The mount that engages the adapter is part of this ring, so the lens itself should not be damaged if reasonable care is taken. Be sure to push the lock button in while removing the adapter, even though it is not likely to be locked, since you do not know the cause of the problem.

I'm concerned that since your lens has obviously been disassembled by someone without proper tools it may not have been correctly reassembled, which could cause the problem. Of course, the adapter could be at fault instead. I don't think you will be able to be sure where the problem is until the adapter is removed.


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