Nikon Mirrorless Camera... Obsolete Lenses?

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Nikon might do occasional mistakes now and then, but ...

Profoto3D wrote:

If Nikon launches a Pro mirrorless camera will we be able to use existing Nikon SLRL lenses?


If Nikon did release a pro grade camera (of any kind) that did not support any current lenses ... Then they would also need to - at the same time - launch a lens lineup with wide angle primes, fast normal lenses, fast portrait lenses, a whole slew of big telephoto lenses, some wide zooms, some normal zooms, some telephoto zooms, some close up lenses, at least one fisheye, some perspective control lenses ...

That would be stupid. No, actually, it would be utterly insane and borderline suicidal. And while Nikon does do occasional mistakes ever now and then, they are neither suicidal, nor stupid.

So, no, no way in [A very warm place] they would release a pro grade camera which does not work with their extensive lens line-up. Not ever.

But they could potentially make a mirrorless camera that can use most current lenses with an adapter. Hm, wait a minute, didn't they just do that a couple of years ago?

Ok, the Nikon 1 system is in no way a pro system, but when they do make also their cosnumer grade mirrorless cameras compatible with their current f-mont lenses, I think it is a pretty good indicator they would do the same also with prosumer or pro grade mirrorless cameras

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