Micro 4/3 vs DSLR

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Re: Micro 4/3 vs DSLR

Hi. Don't wast to much time in system research and go to a good photo store and try it out. How is the handling? Do i like the buttons as they are placed? What system is behind the camera in case i need more stuff? Every system has it's advantages and disadvantages. Buy the one that fit's your needs the best.

I could imagine when travelling a lot a small camera like the OMD with the Panasonic 12-35 mm and a small flash would be perfect. Maybe additional the small 45 1.8 or the nice but expensive 75 1.8 for nice portraits with smooth background possibilities - thats it.

Otherwise you keep your Nikon D300 and sell your old lens and buy just a good 17-50 f 2.8 Sigma/Tamron or even the Nikon 17-55 2.8. The Nikon is expensive but a system change is not cheaper anyway.

I personally have fullframe (Canon) and MFT (E-PL5) and for "normal" stuff I prefer the MFT just because of the nice tilt-touchscreen. The fun is more worth than the last 5% of fullframe-quality because you start to experiment and get therefore interesting results. Of course in portrait shooting i prefer the bulky, heavy, fast fullframe with a good versatile flash. So there is no right or wrong and it's all a personal decision.

Anyway i think the system is 20% of the photo but 80% is the photographer. So we are talking just about some less percentage of the whole picture appearance.

Best regards

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