Moab & Monument Valley Trip Advice- Never Been There

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Re: Moab & Monument Valley Trip Advice- Never Been There

One person mentioned the Rez  dogs and he is right. I saw them wandering about in MV park. Some were unusual enough for me to photograph but none acted unfriendly (but I didn't have a dog with me). In fact all animals including sheep, cows and horses seem to go where they please.. I had to drive some cows from one road to get through  (another good use for hiking stick). You can easily distinguish between roads that would lend themselves to getting stranded and avoid them if you wish. Basic gear is all you need With whatever means you prefer to manage excessive brightness and contrast. Grad ND filter was helpful for me. I didn't find a lot of macro opportunity but you may find something in bloom going later.  Mostly wide angle and med telephoto but  depends on how you like to shoot. Be prepared to share tripod locations at popular magic hour locations but there's lots of places to discover that don't have crowds.

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