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Re: Predictably I disagree - the X100S files are superior

Jeff Charles wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

Even in these shots the colour transitions in the X100 files are harsher and more digital looking to my eye.

Can you point out some examples in the posted photos?

I don't want to argue about this but what I'm seeing is mostly in the skin tones in these shots. In my own shots I see the difference most markedly in skin tones, hair, fur and plants.  I'm willing to concede that this isn't the biggest point in the world, but I do  find it odd that people seem to be advqncing as a plus of the x100 output something which is the exact opposite of what I see. This is partly down to the way the x-trans sensor renders colour, and partly down to increased resolution. That said, I prefer the transitions on my x-pro1 and x100s to those on my sold nex7, so it isn't solely a question of resolution.

Also, does this mean I think either the x100 or the e-m5 have poor colour? No, but neither is as good as the x-trans sensor to my eye.

I think my biggest point here would be the RAW processing - each camera does need different LR settings to get the best out of it. I don't know what settings you used for each camera...

The most significant point here is that the X100S RAW support is available in a beta format...

Good points. We are looking at raw files as rendered at default settings by the LR 4.4 release candidate, which likely does not exploit the full potential of the X100s raws.

Also, the photos were taken at different apertures, which can affect resolution and DOF. For example the X100 shot of the singer was taken at f/2.8 and the X100s version at f/5.6.

absolutely agree with this.

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