A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: Oh yes it is.

Archer66 wrote:

skyglider wrote:

Not sure if we are referring to the same time frame.  What I meant is that Word Perfect was the word processor of choice in most businesses when MS Word was not yet released.  But the overwhelming majority of businesses were using IBM compatible PCs running the MS OS.

Then when MS released Word, it was not better than Word Perfect to the extent to have the business users who already were familiar with Word Perfect make the switch.

Actually it was first Windows version of Word that won the battle. Wordperfect didnt release Windows version until much later and at that point it was too little too late.

Lotus also failed to provide Windows version of their spreadsheet in time betting the wrong horse ( OS/2 ).

Word Perfect was the dominant word processor.  If MS did not own the Windows OS, there would not have been the incentive for users to switch over to MS Word.  It was "BECAUSE" of the Windows OS that users were prompted to shift to MS Word. Which is my point.

IOW, the huge base of software for Windows exists because Windows was/is the dominant personal computer OS.  If folks migrate away from windows because MS removes the desktop from future versions of windows, then the incentive to write software for windows will decline as the windows user base declines.  So the MS store revenues will decrease anyway.

I think MS would fair better if they keep the Win7 desktop UI in future versions of Windows (including the desktop start menu) while also providing the alternative Metro UI.  If Metro really is that good, folks will migrate from the Win7 UI to the Metro UI naturally.  NO FORCING REQUIRED!

(For the purists, I do realize that the Win8 UI is no longer officially referred to as "Metro".  It's just easier to refer to it as Metro in discussions.)

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