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Re: Keeping my D 7000

timoteotresgatos wrote:

I've been looking into seemingly much-hyped 7100 to see if it different/improved enough to warrant an upgrade from my 7000. The two things that got me interested was in-camera HDR and the lack of anti-aliasing feature.

I've read couple of places that the in-camera HDR doesn't align the the multiple pictures it takes to build the HDR image, resulting in somewhat blurry pictures. I saw one example posted on a photography site and it was pretty bad - definitely unusable for anything. If you shot them on a tripod, the HDR image would no doubt turn out OK, but hand-held? no way.Re

Regarding the HDR issue, I shoot with a D5100 (same sensor as D7000) which also has the in-camera HDR feature (only JPEG, from 2 frames). Although my camera doesn't align the 2 bracketed pictures it takes in order to produce the final HDR image, with high enough shutter speed and sufficient hand-holding tehnique that lack of alignment shouldn't be a problem, as it can be seen from the attached pictures below.

ADL version

The first picture is shot with ADL and processed in ViewNX2.

In-camera HDR version, shot hand-held

The second is the in-camera HDR version.

I couldn't get the same rich colours (sky and walls) and tonal response from the jpeg HDR version (post-processed in Lightroom) as I got from the ADL raw. I will give it another try with ViewNX2 though, to be sure.

Although alignment was not a problem in this particular case, I personally prefer the ADL version.

Whoever wants to do serious HDR will stick with a tripod and bracketed RAW frames, anyway.

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