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Re: what happen, a week ago you were excited about 3N?

Timbukto wrote:

007peter wrote:

Tim, what happen.  You were so excited about getting NEX 3N just a week ago.  Considering that you bought a brand new 3N for a about $435 - minus a lens that retail for (-349), you got the bargain of the century for just $86.  I was green with envy

I could only justify keeping one system and the Olympus E-PM2 just won compared to the 3N body.  Primarily I think the body is better as is the selection of lenses.  If you venture into legacy lenses and adapters the Sony wins with focus peaking.  The 16-50 is good, but I'm still a bit unsure about how much different even a 16-50 lens looks compared to a P&S.

The dilemma about slow glass with good quality sensors is that P&S have pretty good sensors although small, and can be coupled with fast zoom lenses as well.  Meaning it heavily competes with pretty great P&S's like say the Panasonic LX7, etc.  This is not just a critique for the Sony NEX, I think a lot of APS-C zooms like the 15-85 or 16-85 and now the 16-50 are *good*, but still the DOF and light gathering capabilities is not much different from a good P&S in some regards.  The DOF is in a in between-zone where its not really providing subject isolation, but its also not sharp...its sort of sits in a very non-spectacular inbetween.  It did not provide a much better shooting experience than a P&S because of its non-spectacular 2.5 FPS and a lack of control on the AF box, making me heavily reliant on facial recognition.  Also the 45mm 1.8 is just *tiny* compared to the 50mm 1.8 OSS...its still a remarkable lens.  In addition the 45mm 1.8 doesn't vignette too much...this means overall its transmission qualities produces better results where you need to do exposure correction which can introduce shadow noise.

I think there are sales lately for which the F3 is dirt cheap, and even the new 3N can be had at a sale.  In addition I think the 5R was on sale recently too.  Quite frankly it makes my deal not that spectacular...I imagine Sony NEX's will be on sale soon (5N's used to be dirt cheap).  This is not unique to NEX's I think the Olympus PENs will be sold for much cheaper eventually as well.  I know I had a great deal on the 3N but Sony really took a lot of features away from it and I'm not sure if any firmware fixes were coming down the road (i.e. increase FPS which is artificially limited or get rid of fake shutter noises).

I would say the E-PL5 is a bit expensive for what you get because they still have a rather low resolution screen and you are paying more for tilt and better mode dial and myset control.  The Sony's after paying about $100 more you get touchscreen, external chargers, and higher resolution screen, etc.  To me the sweet spot of Sony NEX's is not at entry level with the 3N or F3, but the 5 series.

If rumors are true that next generation PENs include 5-axis IBIS that might even be more mature, etc...Sony has a very tough battle on its hands especially if 8fps+ is the norm for PEN and CDAF only continues to be refined.

Well, the silver Olympus E-PM2 sure do look real cute, with the silver 45mm lens, partner!. Kinda like my six-gun!

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