nikon 28-80 vs 28-105?

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Re: nikon 28-80 vs 28-105?

I have both lenses.  As far as image quality goes, there's just really not a whole lot of difference between the two.  And what small differences there are can easily be dealt with in post.  Of the two, I prefer the 28-105 for the increased zoom range and the macro feature.  On the other hand, the 28-80 has the advantage when it comes to size, weight and replacement cost in the event of an accident, all things that are pretty important for hiking and other such activities.  I like to take my 28-80 attached to a D50 with me when I go flat-water kayaking.  It's a combo that gives good image quality, but wouldn't give me a stroke if it ended up at the bottom of a river.  If the macro and the extra 25mm on the long end aren't of much interest to you, definitely grab a 28-80.  Like has been said before, at the prices they are going for, it won't break the bank if you don't like it and decide to get something else.

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