Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: You are wrong..

Richard wrote:

Plastic generally will crack or shatter. Metal will just dent. That means the Mac will likely survive a fall much better.

Sorry, that is just not true. Metal transfers the full force of the impact. Plastic absorbs the downside being if to hard of a hit it can crack rarely shatters.

Hit something made of metal with a hammer and it dents. Hit something made of plastic with a hammer and it cracks or breaks. Easy to do. Hit either hard enough and whatever was inside will no longer work.

But I have seen macs quit working after being dropped it does not mean they are more durable because they use metal case. How they were dropped and what damage was sustained has more to do with whether they work after or not.

That's true. Anything can fail if dropped.

In fact the HP uses an patented process that uses an accelerometer to tell if the laptop is falling and park the heads on the hard drive to save your data. Something the mac does not have. HP ProtectSmart helps protect your notebook’s data from accidental bumps and bruises. It senses motion and stops your hard drive to help protect your entire digital life.

Macs have had an accelerometer to detect falls and park the hard drive since the iBook days, many years ago. They were the first company to do it.

Ok, it appears they both have this. But the HP is half the price.

No it isn't.

Retina resolution is not wasted and you don't need a magnifying glass. You've obviously never used one.

Yes, have used one, cannot see the difference and neither could anyone else that was with me. You need a manifying glass.

If you can't see the difference, don't get one. Meanwhile, most people can see the difference. Everyone I know who has a Retina MacBook or Retina iPad complains when they have to use a non-Retina display. There is definitely a difference.

But even if you can notice a tiny difference, is it worth over double the price? For most people no.

It's not double. A Retina MacBook Pro starts at $1499 from Apple, less if you shop around.

Funny how nobody mentions Google's Chrome Pixel, a $1300 laptop that can only run a browser. You can't run apps, unless it's a web app in a browser and you have an Internet connection. It's the pinnacle of overpriced, around $1000 more than a typical ChromeBook, but since it's not Apple, nobody bashes it.

What is funny for as high resolution screens apple puts out it does not put blue ray players in computers, the only media that can acutally produce 1080p (please don't tell me that streaming internet media is 1080p, the most networks do not have the bandwidth to cover blu rays constant 36Mbit per second bandwidth speed.

Blu-Ray doesn't sell well and requires a full DRM path, which is extra cost for something few people want. Netflix is the single largest use of the Internet during peak hours.

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