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Re: question mark over OMD

slimandy wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

slimandy wrote:

I would have said OMD until this weekend but now I'm not so sure. I got mine out of the cupboard yesterday after very little use and the screen is cracked. It looks like impact damage but I have not banged it or dropped it. I have used Nikon DSLR's for many years and never had such a problem. I'm now wondering about the build qulaity of the OMD compared to a DSLR which costs half as much.

Stuff happens.   Occurrences like this aren't common, relative to the amount of bodies sold.   Product failures can happen, and do happen, for any product that is manufactured.   Reasonable people, as well as the manufacturers, understand this.

I do understand this but I have been shooting with various cameras since my first job when I bought a camera. That was in 1985. I currently own 6 slr's and 3 compacts as well as my OMD. It seems odd that it broke with nothing seeming to have caused it.

Aside from that I mentioned it in another thread and it seems to be more common with the OMD than you'd think. I'm not alone anyway.

Yea, Andy - I did forget about that report mentioned in the other topic (and forgot where I just put my foot in it - here).   But that wasn't the point (which you got as well).    The OM-Ds did have the bezel issue, and what seems like a production run of imperfect screens or overtightened screens.  OTOH, I'm hard on my gear, dropped both OM-Ds on hard concrete (I try only to do that once per camera, if at all), and they're still chugging along just fine after a full year.  My biggest gripe is the feebly secure eyecup (but that's what gaffers tape is for [g]).   That won't be fixed - but the bezel and screen can be, and with neither expected to be a recurring issue, it would be a shame to dismiss the OM-D for that.   Though, I understand how these impressions are made, and set in.

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