Pentax K-5 IIs almost at US $1000.

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Re: Pentax K-5 IIs almost at US $1000.

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Chris Mak wrote:

brandrx wrote:

I havn't purchased a K-5 IIs yet. FWIW: According to a few folks over at PF there seems to be some questions concerning autofocusing with outrageous apertures like the K-5 can do. They were comparing a Sigma 500mm f4.5 + 2X teleconverter with a K-5 versus K-5 II/IIs and the K-5 locked focus much, much more consistant. So, I am considering buying another K-5 so I will have one for my crazy combo tests in case my current Pentax K-5 goes bonkers on me. If I do purchase an extra K-5 then I will have to wait a bit longer before I can purchase a K-5 IIs.

There is no hurry on those tests with the Tokina 100-300/4 + 2X. I just have a mild interest.

With all due respect, I really don't think you should base your purchase on one or two reports like these. In my experience, if ány different (regarding accuracy), the K5IIs is bétter with the Sigma 500 alone, and no worse with the 1.4tc, than on the K5. If you are able, dó try your Sigma 500 out on the K5IIs, and form your own conclusions, because IQ wise the K5IIs is ahead of the K5, and allows for better cropping, which is a bonus shooting birds.

Hi Chris,

With all due respect, I did not write anything about the K-5 II/IIs autofocus and lock on being worse than the K-5 with  the Sigma 500/4.5 or with the Sigma 500/4.5 coupled with the 1.4X teleconverter.

Here is a link to the link of what I was talking about if anyone cares to read it. Read the entire thread.

About the Sigma 500/4.5 + 2X focus and lock on with K-5 II/IIs



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