Shooting sports and other things with the K5IIs...

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That would be a great improvement indeed.

I have learned to appreciate the 9 and 21 af points closely packed to catch the subject. But I could work with 11 too.

I'm still not sure what to do though. As much as i'd like a modern dx simply for reach, I was very impressed with my oily and dusty D600 with coating coming off the mirror. Although cropped to dx size it only delivered 10 mp, these were high quality mp's. Currently both candidats, d7100 and k5lls, are a good one stop worse in lower light than the d600. But if I crop a d600 picture, I will lose that stop on noise. I may lose another stop if the light is low enough to trouble a certain shutter speed, but the neccesary DOF forces me to close down the aperture.

On the other hand, the d7100 cooks its raws above iso 1250 and pentax does so as off iso 3200. Moreover, the raw buffer of the d7100 is poor...

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