Photography Facebook page?

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Re: Photography Facebook page?

DuaneV wrote:

Toedtoes wrote:

As someone who does NOT have a Facebook account, I find that a lot of businesses don't get my business if they only have a Facebook page.

While I know I'm in the minority, that is something to consider.  Is having Facebook providing you with more "publicity" going to outweigh not having an option for potential non-facebook customers?  Only you can determine that.

At least you know youre in the minority.

In todays world, I think a Facebook page is MORE important than your own .com name.  I run a number of online retails sites and Ive been building sites since the mid 90's.  I don't do hardly ANYTHING with my .com sites these days.  Everyone wants a Facebook page to go to.  Its the internet IN the internet.  You sign in and search anything, like it, have it connected to you in one place permanently, etc.  Its not like it used to be where you had to google or ask jeeves, search the results, go to the site, bookmark it, then have to search your bookmarks.  Those days are fading.

I obviously do all my sales through my .com sites, but my Facebook pages are where everyone finds me for the most part.  And although Facebook was predominantly the college crowd 5 years ago, it has EVEYRONE on there now.

If you don't have a Facebook page or if you don't use Facebook, youre shooting yourself in the foot and losing business.

What kind of business? I see no significant amount of fashion, commercial, or product advertising originating from FB. Pro sports, corporate work...not seeing it. While artistes who refer to themselves in the plural might like to believe everyone finds them on FB what does that have to do with working photographers?  People who are running a businesses and are hired to shoot jobs?

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