Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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You don't understand.......

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if you don't take pixel pitch (i.e. the size of the pixel) into account.

Noise is a function at the pixel level.  A pixel recieves a amount of light that is independent of how much light its neighbor is recieveing.

What matters is the signal to noise ratio of each individual pixel.

It does not matter how many pixels are in the array, just how large exach individual pixel is, and what is its signal to noise ratio.


Completely agree Tedolph, although I`m not into all the mumbo jumbo, all I`m interested in is having a lens that is fast enough and that will offer adequate dof, a f2,8 m4/3 lens is good enough for me.

Of course you have to account for pixel pitch. An f2.8 FF lens illuminates 4x the area of a u4/3 f2.8 lens.  The larger FF sensor collects 4x the light of the u4/3 sensor with a lens at the same f-stop. i.e. the illumination per unit area is the same (they are f2.8 lenses), but the area of the FF sensor is 4x larger.

If both sensors have the same total number of pixels, the FF sensor pixels are 4x the size of the 4/3 and collect 4x the light for the same exposure and f-stop.

Since they collect 4x the light, the sensor can operate at 1/4 the gain compared to u4/3.

Hence if you shoot at ISO200 on u4/3, the noise is equivalent to ISO800 on a FF sensor that has the same efficiency.

how an integration function works.

If it helps, I should point out that there are many compact cameras now with f1.8 lenses and which have better performing pixels than the OM-D. Would you expect these to give you better results than a mere f2.8 lens on u4/3? If not, why not?

So the reality is that an image taken at 35mm f2.8 on an OMD looks virtually identical to an image taken at two stops higher ISO at f5.6 on FF for with the same framing and shutter speed. The advantage the FF camera has is that it can either use lower ISO for less noise or a wider aperture for shallower DOF at the same subject distance and framing.


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