Compact DSLR vs. OM-D

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Live View is....

gbhwc wrote:


Very interesting... Except for your description, I don't really even know what Live View is ... but I will find out.

the direct output of the imaging sensor on an LCD display.  DSLR's use a mirror to look through the lens so you don't know how the photo is going to come out until after you have taken it, and maybe the opportunity is gone.  Live view done correctly gives you a preview of what the photo is going to look like with all your settings.  Oly even enables you to preview the effect of slow shutter speed on a moving scene.  DSLR's have a live view capability but it is much compromised compared to u 4/3 cameras.

The only reason I am looking at a 4/3 camera is because of the small size and the high rating a reviewer on staff of this website gave to the OMD.

Well as I said, you need to figure out whether you need traciking AF or not.

If you need really good tracking AF, get a dSLR.  If not u 4/3 is fine for most photographers.

Do you really think the quality of pictures in the OMD will be as good as a DSLR?

Picture quailty for most cosumer purposes was more than good enough with the E-pl1.

Basically, all large sensored cameras today have excellent picture quality for all practicle purposes.

(If I go the 4/3 route I will wait a while to buy because it sounds like some new products might be coming out soon).

Buy what you need now.  Missed photo opportunities will not reapear.

The key is figuring out what your needs are. Then it is easy to find a camera to match them.

Thanks,  Glenn


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