Canon SX270 SX280 announcement

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Canon SX270 SX280 announcement

MarioV wrote: addition to finally having respectable 1080p60 video, makes it a bit more than an incremental change.

YES!   I've had zero interest in Canon compacts because they've been stuck in the dark ages with respect to video.   Sony and Panasonic have been far, far more advanced in that department.   But with full 1080p60 video Canon is finally starting to get my attention.

I haven't been able to confirm one way or the other, but I strongly suspect that this camera won't allow manual control of video exposure, so that would rule it out for me.   But this is a good sign that upcoming Canons may also have this capability.   If Canon's next G-series model has 1080p60, manual control over video, and an articulated screen it would be my ideal compact camera.

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