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Re: There is not much difference in Price!

mistermejia wrote:

The D7100 is what, three, four hundred dollars more??  For that very little difference in price is common sense to get the newer one with much much better AF.  Picture quality it seems to be doing just fine from what i am seeing, D7000 probably does a little better in higher ISO but D7100 is doing really really good too.  If someone already has a D7000, i guess the choice from switching is COMPLETELY personal, specially if your D7000 does not have any AF issues.  My D7000 AF was pretty good 90% of the time, but sometimes, no matter how i set it, it would back focus on something else that was not intended to be focused, this would mostly happen indoor when it would go after something more contrasty and shiny, again, it didn't matter in what metering or AF setting i changed to.  The AF was not as solid and stable as my dad's D300.  Who knows, maybe my camera WAS bad

Image quality difference i don't think you are going to see a big big big difference, specially if you only shoot photos just for fun and you just store them in your computer and you never print anything big, or you don't do this as a business.  If some hasn't bought a camera yet, the D7100 is a no brainer.  The view finder is clear and bright, is pretty AWESOME!!! The focusing dots are black and very contrasty, i did like that more than the red ones and they are very very clear to see

Yea, but you'll sell it three months after picking it up 

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