FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

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Re: FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

You can do two things in Silkypix, then, to increase the acuity of landscape images:

  1. Reduce the NR a little bit to leave more of the fine-grained luminance noise (but not the colour noise).
  2. Increase the sharpening to delineate edges (but not luminance noise) more.

You need to do both so that you avoid too much obvious noise but make the details stand out. My own preferences are to:

  • Increase demosaic sharpening by 20 - 25% to somewhere between 90 - 100% (the Silkypix default for 100ISO images seems to be 72%).
  •  Increase the sharpening slider "outline emphasis" by 5 - 10% above the Silkypix default (which seems to be 25% for 100ISO images).
  •  Decrease the "noise reduction" slider by about 5% below the Silkypix default.
  • Increase the "neat noise" slider by a few points to help rid skies and other plain-tone/colour areas of any increased luminance noise showing as a result of applying more sharpening.

I looked into SilkyPix 5 Pro.

"Noise Reduction" is already ny 0 by default.

"demosaic sharpening" I can't find in the SilkyPix settings

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