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wendell2643 wrote:

I use a D90 equipped with a 70-200VR lens and a Tamron 2X teleconverter. My images (of birds) are often not sharp. Would a Nikon 2X teleconverter used with this lens significantly improve my images?


I have used the nikon 2.0 TC III extensively for birds this winter and here are some general thoughts:

The new Nikon model version III is way better than the old nikon and a friend's tamron 2x TC

There will always be a loss of sharpness with the TC - in particular the 2.0 TCs (even the new one) seem to suffer at the corners more than the 1.4TC

I have found that if I need 4 focus points to get a sharp image with a bare lens, it will take 9 focus points locked on to get a sharp image with the 2.0 TC.   Its just the way the nikon focus systems work.  Don't expect highly accurate focus and sharp images if your subject only fills the center focus point with the 2.0x TC.  Its better to get close than to rely on a TC for long distance shooting.

Proper long lens technique and high shutter speeds are critical.  http://www.naturephotographers.net/ejp0801-1.html

If you are shooting long distances, environmental factors (haze, debris in the wind, ect) are going to negatively impact sharpness and contrast

All else equal, TC work better with primes than zooms.  Many have report success with the 1.4 TC on the 70-200.  My best results with the 2.0 TC have been on the 300 f/2.8 and the 600 f/4.

When ever I feel I need or want a new piece of gear, I force myself to make sure I experiment with my technique and current gear before buying new.  60-70% of the time it works - but 90% of the time I just go buy the new gear (human nature).

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