Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: You are wrong..

Richard wrote:

First, the HP has an aluminum bezel and faceplate where the keyboard rests. Only the bottom is plastic, which may survive impacts better than the Apple.

Plastic generally will crack or shatter. Metal will just dent. That means the Mac will likely survive a fall much better.

In fact the HP uses an patented process that uses an accelerometer to tell if the laptop is falling and park the heads on the hard drive to save your data. Something the mac does not have. HP ProtectSmart helps protect your notebook’s data from accidental bumps and bruises. It senses motion and stops your hard drive to help protect your entire digital life.

Macs have had an accelerometer to detect falls and park the hard drive since the iBook days, many years ago. They were the first company to do it.

There are even some clever hacks to use the accelerometer to switch apps, called a SmackBook.

To get a retinal display, you would have to spend $400 dollars more and it is not necessary to have it on a 15" display to edit photos because the resolution is wasted, unless you wear magnifying glasses you cannot see the resolution difference on a 15" screen.

Retina resolution is not wasted and you don't need a magnifying glass. You've obviously never used one.

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