Sigma SD14: Which is the largest size of CF can it support?

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On your CP950 Nikon....

AdamT wrote:

I didn`t realise that the SD14 was FAT32 hence why you`re getting large cards to work

BUT, you stated """"With Compact Flash, the controller is on the chip - only SD and other's of its type have limitations on size imposed by firmware"""

Which is Incorrect , the SD9 and 10 for instance can`t access above 2Gb due to the limitations of the FAT16 filing system the cameras employ (computers are the same, Some motherboards in days past had issues with drives bigger than 2Gb and needed a BIOS update) - people have tried hacking larger cards to work with varying success and failure but try anything bigger than 2Gb in the camera and it`ll either fail or only format 2Gb of the card ..

The truth of it is that the SD14 is FAT32 complaint so the camera can handle all cards made today (as stated by Alf) - but it doesn`t apply to all CF devices due to limitations of older FAT systems employed (try using a 32Gb card in a Nikon Cooolpix 950 for a start - that used the original FAT, the cam shipped with an 8Mb - LOL)

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Hi Adam,

If you have not used your camera for a year or so and have not kept charged batteries in it, the internal battery which takes its charge from the AA batteries and required for the "format" function will discharge and it will not allow you to format a CF card. So the 16 bit FAT necessary for your CF card to work in your CP950 can't be done in the camera until the internal battery is recharged. Usually, just putting fresh AA batteries in and waiting for a few hours will correct the situation and allow you to format virtually any size CF card in your 950 as a FAT 16. The 950 will accept up to 2 GB CF cards without issue but larger than 2GB requires reformat. I've used 4 GB and 8 GB CF cards in all my CP cameras and they all format just fine. I haven't tried 32 GB cards, but I see no logical reason why they shouldn't format as FAT 16 just fine.

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