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Re: Oke Mark. Would it do in boxing?

Boxing is pretty straightforward because the athletes cluster together. So if shooting with telephoto you can fill the frame and shoot in AF-S. The ring is typically well lit, so it allows you a few 1/3 stops to stop down and deepen your focal plane.  One the fists start connecting, all you would have to do is initiate a focus lock after they engage and then let the FPS fill the buffer.  Also, what makes it easy, as a ringside photographer, is your proximity to the subject.

When I shot Manny Pacquiao,  indoor AF wasnt' a problem. It was the type of sensor in the K7 that was the shortcoming.  During those days, I shot with the D300 because the CMOS sensor upgrade from the D200's CCD was a big improvement over the K7.

If I could only go back to those days with Manny using the new K5IIs,  I'd probably have a library of photos of which to make a coffee table book and retire.  (Chuckle) Also since boxing is spotlit with high intensity lights,  the AF locks fast.

I believe with gymnasts,  the venues are typically vast and with diffused uniform lighting.  I would pick my spots, and prefocus and take the shot.  I feel AF-C works best when the subject matter can fill the frame.  If there is plenty of dead space, I feel the AF logic can get fooled.

I think Pentax next step in the evolution of the AF is increasing the AF point count and clustering them centerweighted.  Time will tell what the next model might have.

Best wishes for your shoot.

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