What lenses are on the same or better quality as FA100?

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Joseph Tainter Veteran Member • Posts: 9,720
Re: What lenses are on the same or better quality as FA100?

JimBim wrote:

Nice pictures Joseph.

I'm not looking at macro lenses (I'm happy with FA100).  What would you recommend to have the same quality level as FA100 or better? I have FA50. It's good enough, but not as good as FA100.

JimBim, the only FA 100 lenses I know of are macro lenses. See here:


The F/FA 135 F2.8 is pretty good in the right conditions. In the wrong conditions it is very prone to purple fringing. I wish Pentax would bring out a DA Limited 135 F2.8. I would buy one.

What else to recommend depends on your budget. The FA* 80-200 F2.8 is very good, but expensive and hard to find. Several versions of the Sigma 70-200 F2.8 are quite nice--but avoid the first generation of their digital macro version. It was weak at 200 mm. I have the older, non-digital version of this lens and it is an excellent performer, even on digital.


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