Keeping my D 7000

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Re: Keeping my D 7000

I've been looking into seemingly much-hyped 7100 to see if it different/improved enough to warrant an upgrade from my 7000. The two things that got me interested was in-camera HDR and the lack of anti-aliasing feature.

I've read couple of places that the in-camera HDR doesn't align the the multiple pictures it takes to build the HDR image, resulting in somewhat blurry pictures. I saw one example posted on a photography site and it was pretty bad - definitely unusable for anything. If you shot them on a tripod, the HDR image would no doubt turn out OK, but hand-held? no way.

One review I read on the lack of anti-aliasing and the extra pixels compared to the D7000 said that although you get somewhat greater resolution, you also get somewhat more noise because of the increased pixel density. That seems like a judgement call rather than an easy decision.

The D7000 auto-exposure system sometimes annoys me because it seems to expose for the shadows and overexpose the highlight sometimes, but then the D7100 review I read suggested that it exposes more for the highlights and you have to watch the shadows lest they be too underexposed. so it seems like I'd be trading one exposure issue for another.

As someone else in this discussion pointed out, it's the person behind the camera that takes good pictures. In my case, I think the photographer behind my camera is much more in need of upgrades than my camera so I'm sticking with my D7000.

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