Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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You are wrong..

EricWN wrote:

No offence, but you are seriously suggesting to compare a cheap, crappy, HP plastic computer

First, the HP has an aluminum bezel and faceplate where the keyboard rests. Only the bottom is plastic, which may survive impacts better than the Apple. In fact the HP uses an patented process that uses an accelerometer to tell if the laptop is falling and park the heads on the hard drive to save your data. Something the mac does not have. HP ProtectSmart helps protect your notebook’s data from accidental bumps and bruises. It senses motion and stops your hard drive to help protect your entire digital life.

with a miserable resolution screen,

The screens are identical as far as resolution, you should read the description instead of jumping to conclusions. According to the Apple site, the HP has higher resolution

The 15-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 1,440-by-900-pixel LED-backlit
17.3-inch diagonal High Definition BrightView LED-backlit Display (1600 x 900)

To get a retinal display, you would have to spend $400 dollars more and it is not necessary to have it on a 15" display to edit photos because the resolution is wasted, unless you wear magnifying glasses you cannot see the resolution difference on a 15" screen.

inferior components etc to a Macbook with Retina Display and your main argument here is price? I'm not so sure I'd want to have this thing anywhere near me even if it were even cheaper than it is now.

They are both tools and do the same thing in photoshop, they both use the same processor and video card manufacturer same hard drive manufacturer, they are both built in China. They are much more alike than they are different, The HP has 1 year longer warranty, if mac is so good why don't they put their money where their mouth is and offer a 2 year warr like HP?

It is 2.5 pounds (!!!) heavier than the MacBook. If you work with a MacBook daily, you'll feel the difference. It's like going back to stone ages.

It also has a bigger display, 2 hard drive bays, msata connector. It also includes a numberic keyboard set off to the side as well as beats audio with a subwoofer. The HP also has vga and HDMI outputs without the need for external adapters like the mac.  I would expect that the HP is heavier.. But accoring to the mac web site

15 macbook pro Weight: 4.46 pounds (2.02 kg)2

15" DV6T 5.6 pounds. Not that much difference for over double the price.

A Mac user, after 3-4 years of ownership (your example above) will sell his old Mac and get a new one. yes, that's right, used Macs have at least a resale value, unlike PCs who are considered junk and waste the minute you switch them on.

Two Hp laptops in the bush with 2 year warranties are better than one old Mac with only a 1 year warranty in hand.

The macbooks do not hold their value that well. The average 4 year old mac book pro sells for $949

You can buy a new DV6t off of ebay that specs smoke the old mac. Most people would rather have newer tech, that is why people upgrade phones, newer is better.

Sorry, your arguments are false and only support my position that a PC is better than a Mac for editing photos. For having extra aluminum to melt down once the computer life has ended, sure I agree that the mac will win but for editing photos. The HP has is.

Your brainwashed fanboy mind maybe not be able to comprehend this concept but anyone with a brain and an ounce of logic will be able to figure this one out.

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