Best desktop computer for photography work.

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Re: Best desktop computer for photography work.

theJuke2 wrote:

I'm trying to look for a new desktop which will be dedicated just to my photography work and I won't be using it for anything else. I am a PC person by nature, but I am not opposed to Mac.

Honestly, the differences are relatively minor. You can spec out a very fine PC or Mac and they'll both do the job and very well. It mainly boils down to your own preferences -- do you like the Apple ecosystem, or the PC.

One thing that might tip the balance is specific applications software that you want to use:

* Aperture and iPhoto are Mac only and generally considered excellent apps.

* RPP is arguably the best (purist) RAW converter and it's Mac only too.

But as you know, there's a ton of great photo software available for Windows too.

The display is going to be critical. Apple have some great offerings but there's lots of choices for Windows. Heck, just get an EIZO if the budget will stand it I get by on a $300 U2412M but it is calibrated with a Spyder4.

If you're a PC person by nature, I'd be inclined to stick with that unless you discover some quite compelling reason to switch.

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