EPL 5 or NEX 5R

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BlbGB wrote:

I was ready to order the EPL 5, How well does the Olympus do panoramic, I hear Sony does it very well. Both remote flash capable? Focus during video? Anyone else go through this decision making process...

I am upgrading from point and shoot. Will be shooting my young kids( indoor and outdoor moving around), macro, and little landscape right now. But am interested in learning more.

I have a Nikon D90, E-PL5, and GH1, and E-PL5 is what I now use 90% of the time.  Its sensor performance is nearly as good if not better than the one in D90.  I thus expect the sensor in the E-PL5 to be very close to that of the NEX5 and not a real factor to consider.

I don't have a NEX but I can tell you it is pretty easy to do Panorama in E-PL5.  I followed the on screen instruction and later stitch them together in the free included View 2 software.  I am not sure if I can do this w/o the software but it is easy enough so I don't really care.  Video is easy enough to shoot and the results are more than good enough for family use.

I too photograph my two boys, and this is where face detection becomes far more important than the typical AF-tracking that people are talking about, which is not stellar in mirror-less cameras.  The face detection however works wonders to track your kids and if they turn away from the camera and AF will focus on the object closest to you, which usually are your kids.  As a result, you never lose focus.  I know the face detection works well in m4/3, but not sure if it is the same or better than that in the NEX.

Since E-PL5's sensor is really good, I personally will pick a system based on lens selection and the overall size of the whole system that you will carry on a trip.  I think most of us are attracted to the mirrorless b/c they promise to deliver outstanding IQ in a much smaller package.  The physics says that the lens from NEX will always be larger and heavier than those from m4/3 of comparable quality.  As is right now, the m4/3 has better selection of lenses, both prime and zoo, that cover a very large focal length.

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