HELP! Both Raid Drives "not readable"

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Re: HELP! Both Raid Drives "not readable"

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Disk Warrior is not a data recovery program and if you try to use it as one it can actually do more damage than you started with. It is OK at what it does but NEVER use it to try to recover data in this way as you could risk all the data on the drive. What your doing at the moment with Data Recovery is the way to go. you know what DW does? You can definitely use it to recover data. I have done it. DW will scan your drive and build a new Catalog file for all the files it can find on the drive. It also compares it to the current catalog that may be partially broken or have numerous other errors. It will then, without writing to the drive, mount the new Catalog and it will look as you have two drives. Using the new Catalog you can browse the drive and copy the files from it to another drive (that is the data rescue part). When you have done that, you can ask DW to try to replace the old catalog with the new one. If that works you're good. If that fails you have more serious problems with the drive and you're happy you copied the files from the temporary mounted catalog.

Data Rescue works differently and is also a tool that should be in your toolbox. I have used that to with great success. Sounds like it's the tool to use in this case.

Well aware what it does and this is the one time you don't use it. Any decent data recovery company will tell you the damage it can do though when used for this type of data loss. It can corrupt the data futher. It did on a friends hard drive when it was used. A bad data recovery company will tell you it can be used for this.

I don't think I would want to use DW on a drive that was part of a RAID unless I see some official word that DW is totally save to use on these.

Whether to run first DW or DataRescue on a non-RAID drive can be debated. Technically it might be safer to first run DataRescue as it shouldn't touch the data and once all files it can recover have recovered one can still run DW as it might restore a fully functional drive whereas DR will restore a jumble of 'real' files and deleted files or file fragments which can be essentially unworkable if this jumble is for example the 'database'.

If the directory structure is damaged, running DR might cause further damage (at least I don't want to fully exclude that possibility). And running DW might overwrite some files that otherwise would be recoverable with DR (or screw things up completely but I consider it rather unlikely that DW will scramble things so much further that DR is affected).

If the troubled drive contains relatively large files that are not interdependent (ie, making it reasonable possible to sort out actual files and deleted files), then running DR first could be advisable. Otherwise, in particular given the time DR takes for a large drive, I'd start with DW.

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