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Re: Spot Metering worth a try

nfpotter wrote:

the Mtn Man wrote:

Huyen Olson wrote:

by the way, it was set at matrix metering and at 1/3 EV

That sounds about right.  Matrix metering seems to do a pretty decent job in most situations, and +1/3 EV would be a full stop over-exposed which is why your pictures look so bright.  Next time try it without exposure compensation and just let matrix metering do its thing.  Alternatively, go full manual and carefully meter the scene yourself.

Um, no.  +1/3 is ONE THIRD OF A STOP, not a full stop, and has almost no bearing on why the OP's shot is over-exposed.  Please don't given advice until you know what you're talking about.

Looks like our resident jerk is back.

So how's life treating you?  Still getting up on the wrong side of the bed? 

But, yeah, I misspoke.  He wrote +1/3 EV and I somehow read it as +1 EV.  The point, however, is that he bumped up his exposure which could lead to washed out pictures.

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