Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Well, maybe. But ...

Najinsky wrote:

No, not at all, it wasn't directed at you personally. The target group was given in the text 'users who haven't used both PCs and Macs earnestly'. What I mostly mean is people who haven't owned OS X based Macs and tried to use them to be productive in their creative content environment (photography, videography, music production, design, etc) or even general purpose computing environment (mail, music, photos, video, office, browsing, hobby, etc).

I agree that those who haven't used both systems earnestly have no business discussing the superiority of one over the other. Ownership is a bit of a high bar for "earnest" use, considering that many people may try a system earnestly or even use it daily at work but not commit to buying. That argument has to cut both ways, too - a Mac user who's been out of PC's since before Windows 7 launched can't really make a legitimate judgement on Windows PC's today, since the system has changed significantly and the quality of the average machine has also improved.

I definitely fit into the category of those who have not given OSX or Macs an earnest shot at replacing my PCs. For that reason, I restrict my judgement to the financial end - I get way more for my money by purchasing Windows PCs from companies that compete with one another in design and pricing, or from building my own computer (in the case of a desktop), as opposed to buying a Mac, so I recommend and personally purchase PCs exclusively. I also like the emotional arguments about the cult of Apple, but that's not an ownership issue either

The second point is that Macs and OSX are more meticulously designed through multiple levels of abstraction and from multiple contexts. Many users struggle to put it all into specifics, but they do latch on to how they combine to create a richer experience and will express it as; it just works; I get more done; It's more enjoyable to use, and so on. But then they get shouted at by PC users who just can't see why and demand specifics.

Ah, the classic "if you have to ask why, you wouldn't understand". Love it.

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