OMD E-M5 Original design Grip

Started Mar 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
BingoCharlie Contributing Member • Posts: 849
Re: also weighs nearly twice as much

idiotekniQues wrote:

BingoCharlie wrote:

I'll keep my RRS grip, thanks.  Better looking, cheaper, and functions as an Arca-Swiss base plate.  Built like a tank, too.

than this plate.

better looking is quite subjective, it looks uglier to me.

also looks thicker on the bottom, which i find unnecessary. cheaper by 10 bucks for twice the weight and twice the ugly?

not sold. JB designs seems like the best deal still until this potentially comes to market.

JB is certainly the value leader, no doubt.  It's also lighter because it's plastic.  RRS is machined aluminum.  The RRS grip is thicker on the bottom because it's an Arca-Swiss base plate.  Tremendously useful if you shoot with a tripod.

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