D7100 - Face close-ups test images, harsh lighting, ISO 1600-6400

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Re: These are actually excellent

rhlpetrus wrote:

Camera didn't try to compensate for ambient WB, it seems what we see is likely very close to what you saw there. Our brain plays tricks on us. Once I had my daughter pose for me were I'm typing here, with fluorescent lighting as well. I shot it and uploaded. It looked ugly, lots of extra greens and yellows at first sight. I called her back and looked carefully at image and then at her side by side. It was much closer than I would have believed from just a couple minutes earlier.

People tend to want camera to always produce someting close to the typical bright daylight WB. But lighting usually is not like that, especially in concerts and other night events, and we should not try to always make it look "daylight"-like. It tends to become quite artificial.

When you view someone (in person) in a room with fluorescent lighting, do they look green to you there? No, because your eyes adjust to compensate for the color temperature of the light.

Lighting, and camera settings, are made to let us see the subject as they are, not as the color temperature of the light leaves them. There's nothing inherently 'natural' about leaving a fluorescent-lit portrait with a greenish cast. Just my .02.

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