Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Yes, Here's why.

plevyadophy wrote:

Are you saying that, if I have a telephoto lens that has clear signs of pincushion distortion on my 35mm, that it will worsen if I stick the lens in front of a smaller sensor and disappear (or at least be reduced) if I stick the same lens in front of a larger sensor (notwithstanding the issues of lens rear to sensor distance on the larger fromat camera)?

And likewise, am I to take it that my wide angle lens on 35mm that shows heaps of barrel distortion will produce an image displaying minimal barrel distortion if I put in front of a smaller sensor, and I guess even more distortion wil be displayed if I put that lens on a larger format?

Am I to take it that is how things work??

Yes, For example:

Take a wide angle lens on FF 35mm and crop out the smaller portion that would be captured by a DX sensor and you will see less distortion. Likewise, if you were able to somehow expand the image circle of a telephoto lens you would get much more distortion as you got further from the center.

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