Are Macs better than PCs for photography work? If so, why?

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Re: Get a custom built PC if your main use is photo editing.

trac63 wrote:

Fat Dragon wrote:

The other thing I'll mention is that, with desktop PC's, you can often get more component power for your buck by buying a big brand desktop like an HP or a Dell, counter to what you suggested. However, to get a reliable desktop with quality parts you will be better off building custom. It's actually really easy to custom-build a desktop yourself, too, you don't need a shop or a neighbor if you do a little research yourself.

The national brands like HP and Dell will entice customers with a faster CPU and more RAM at an attractive price point compared to a clone. However, the quality of the power supply and mechanical components (case, fans, heat sinks) in the national brands is usually not very good. OEM graphics cards are typically not as good as the retail version of the same card. Also, the national brand cases, motherboards and PSUs generally do not use a standard form factor like ATX, and are therefore not reusable.

It's really not difficult to build your own PC nowadays. Almost everything is built into the mainboard, and the days of having to set voltage ratios, IRQs, IO addresses and COM ports with jumper pins are long gone. The default settings in the BIOS are usually fine for anyone not trying to overclock. Installing your own OS is really easy too.

Exactly my point, hence the second sentence in your quote of my post. It's been several years since custom building was hands-down the best bang-for-buck option - at best it's gonna be a wash - but the money you save on a big-brand desktop cuts into your reliability big-time. Of course, if you build a PC yourself with a $22 650W power supply from eBay, you're going to end up with even worse reliability than the Dell machine. A little bit of research, however, and you're set.

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