Noise and my 7D

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Camera is not the issue here

JAG007 wrote:

Oh good heavens, no wonder if that's the original image.  Start with the fact that your image is WAY underexposed.  That will absolutely bring out noise if you try to push the exposure in post.  Secondly, you're very tightly cropping the image... that effectively magnifies any noise that is present.

This is NOT an issue with your camera.  The 7D is somewhat sensitive to exposure and a seriously underexposed shot like this one, even at ISO 100, can be noisy when you try to compensate in post.  Cropping only makes the problem worse.  To fix this, first ensure you're getting a well exposed shot and use your histogram to confirm the exposure (ETTR will ensure good tonal distribution without blowing highlights).  Secondly, use a longer lens for shots like this to minimize cropping or get much closer to your subject.

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