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Neurad1 wrote:

I am traveling to Ireland soon and would like to have an unobstrusive pocketable camera to use indoors (or outdoors when appropriate/necessary). I want it have IQ sufficient that if (God forbid) something happened to the Oly I would still come home with good pictures. I have a Canon S95 that is good, but perhaps not worthy of the role I describe above. I can't afford a Sony RX1 (and it's not pocketable, at least in my pants). So.....

I'm looking for opinions about the best pocketable camera to be the Robin to my OMD Batman. I have posted in this forum because I really am interested in what other M43 users would consider a worthy companion/backup in this category. If you all agree with my wife that: "I don't NEED a new camera, just bring the dang S95" then vote for that. Thanks for indulging me.

I'm considering:

Sony RX1

Nikon Coolpix A


I have an E-PL5 (same sensor as your E-M5) and an RX100. I also had an S95 prior to the Rx100. I find the image quality far better on the Rx100 even though the S95 was good at low ISO.

At higher ISOs (above 800) The E-PL5 is clearly better but the RX100 is usable for 8x10 prints at ISO 1600 - so good enough for most purposes.

It's not a complete back up for an ILC of course but better than nothing and can complement an E-PL5 or E-M5 quite well when using a longer, wider or faster lens on the latter.

The Sony & Olympus user interfaces are quite different but I don't find that to be a problem.



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