Photoshop upgrade no longer possible

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Colin.... there are always other solutions

The software makers certainly have incentive to rent their programs rather than sell them, but it still is up to their customers as to whether this can be successful.

My own feeling is that there simply aren't enough people who absolutely need the most full featured program. Those folks who absolutely need those programs will cough up the money and pay the rental fees, but the other 95% of us will find some alternative.

To be sure... the graphic designers and professional photographers will pay the price, because they may need the finest tools. But everyone else... the other 95% of us will find some alternative product to use.

Just like we buy "more camera" than we can use, we also buy software we don't really need. Hobbyists will often buy professional tools thinking that they may not need this today, but someday they might need it. But if the cost of having the best goes too high, then they start to look at what they might actually need, rather than what they just want.

I buy Photoshop and Microsoft Office upgrades because I like the new features, and the cost isn't that high when I upgrade every five years or so. But if you force me to pay a monthly subscription fee, then I will be perfectly happy to just keep using the older versions, or to switch to something cheaper, or even free.

I recently downloaded Kingsoft Office, a free program, and found it to be every bit as good as Microsoft Word and Excel. At least for my needs. And somehow this program uses the same file extensions I am used to, and works exactly like the Microsoft programs do. It even has the exact same interface. I would have thought this would violate some patents or something, but apparently it doesn't.

Also remember that a subscription fee isn't a fixed cost... it can change without notice. That $20 a month that I find intolerable could someday become $30 or $40 or $50 a month. I seem to recall paying $12 a month for cable TV around 30 years go.

In order to demand high prices a corporation must have a monopoly, or their products must be so much better that they can offer a good value proposition to their customers. And this just isn't the case for the vast majority of users.

Photoshop might be the best photo editing program, but for $240 a year rental fee, a lot of folks might do perfectly fine with Gimp, or some other alternative.

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