Is Full frame still the most versatile?

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Re: Pretentious Latin twaddle and lens distortion Re: Is Full frame still the most versatile?

dsjtecserv wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Yeah, I had a feeling that was what you referring to but I wasn't sure so that's why I asked.

Anyway, let me get something straight.

Are you saying that, if I have a telephoto lens that has clear signs of pincushion distortion on my 35mm, that it will worsen if I stick the lens in front of a smaller sensor and disappear (or at least be reduced) if I stick the same lens in front of a larger sensor (notwithstanding the issues of lens rear to sensor distance on the larger fromat camera)?

And likewise, am I to take it that my wide angle lens on 35mm that shows heaps of barrel distortion will produce an image displaying minimal barrel distortion if I put in front of a smaller sensor, and I guess even more distortion wil be displayed if I put that lens on a larger format?

Am I to take it that is how things work??


Although It has been implicit in some of the things Draek and Mjankor have said, I suspect you aren't recognizing a key point: designing a 24 mm lens for a compact sensor, for a "full frame" 35 mm sensor, and for a large format medium are VERY different tasks, even though the focal length is the same. A lens for a compact need only cover very small sensor dimensions, compared to a lens of the same focal length intended for a larger sensor. In a very real sense, the challenge of producing a "good" lens, in all respects, does indeed scale with sensor size; it is not an absolute function of focal length alone.

I'm not a lens designer, so I won't attempt to describe how the effects of a different-sized sensor "target" play out, but it seems to me you aren't taking that into consideration, and doing so might bridge the communication gap we are seeing here.


Actually, I think I am beginning to hence my question above for clarification.

Warm regards,


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