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Re: Wealthy photographers:

I know some very prominent photographers who have zero money. With today's conditions for photojournalism a lot of talented people are hurting. But there are also a number of photographers who are independently wealthy. As a previous poster noted Cartier-Bresson was quite wealthy. I don't know about Latrigue. Sebastiao Salgado comes from a wealthy family in Brazil and makes well over a million dollars a year on print sales. Ansel Adams was independently wealthy and did not have to work.

I could name a half dozen or so working photojournalists who are not so well known but do significant work and are quite rich.

Most photographers are not trust funders. But there are those who do photography without having to worry about making a living.

If you had $100 million in the bank would you travel the world making beautiful images or stay in Akron and sell insurance?

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